Ryeberg Playlist: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

fewtv, “The Rob Ford Song” (25 October, 2010)

Ryeberg — Toronto born, Ward 19 — appeared in 2009 when the city mayor was named David Miller. How things changed in October 2010, when Torontonians decided to go with another kind of mayor — a guy named Rob Ford. Ford trounced his principal opponent, George Smitherman, with 47% of the vote compared to Smitherman’s 35.6%.

This map shows how support was distributed in each of Toronto’s wards. The lighter the shade of ward, the closer the race between Rob Ford and George Smitherman.

Election2010results_weighted2Map by Marc Lostracco of The Torontoist (26 October, 2010)

George Smitherman — a fairly urbane politician, known to be aggressive, a member of the centre-left Liberal Party, and the first openly gay MPP elected in Ontario — gave up a cabinet post in the provincial government to run for mayor. His run ended with disappointment.

And who exactly was the man who took charge of Canada’s largest city? He was on display from the beginning. Here he is — Rob Ford — in his own words, in his own skin.

1) Rob Ford Addresses His Colleagues

Toronto Council Chambers (2008?)

2) Rob Ford Bows Out Of Public Consultation

Toronto City Council (2002)

3) Rob Ford Makes His Case

“Rob Ford’s Saving Our City Plan” (September, 2010)

4) Rob Ford Reacts To An Insult

*Jump to 1:22:00 for John Barber ‘Fat Fuck’ episode.

Min Sook Lee, “Hogtown: The Politics of Policing” (2005)

5) Rob Ford Explains The Purpose Of Roads

Budget Committee Recommendations (2007)

6) Rob Ford Works Out

“Rob Ford Works Out at Don Bosco Secondary School” (23 June, 2010)

7) Rob Ford Shows The Contents Of His Wallet

“Free Perks Revealed by Toronto Councillor Rob Ford” (2010)

8) Rob Ford Talks About Rob Ford 2014

“Rob Ford Victory Speech 2010” (25 October, 2010)

9) Rob Ford Gives An Interview

CBC, “As It Happens” (26 October, 2010)

10) Mayor Rob Ford Celebrates With The Canadian Prime Minister

“BBQ At The Ford Residence With Prime Minister Harper” (2010)

11) Mayor Rob Ford Keeps His Eye On The Sweets

Uptown Chabad, “Mayor Rob Ford & Rosh HaShana in 6” (2011)

12) Rob Ford Shows How He Handles A Mayorship

GlobalToronto, “Mayor Rob Ford Falls Trying To Toss A Pass” (November, 2012)

Only one important video missing here: Rob Ford smoking that crack pipe. Until then.


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