Ryeberg Playlist: Crying ‘Cuz I’m Happy

1) Stand In The Fountain

Floating lamps? Or ropes and pulleys? Answer: Floating lamps.

John Southworth, “Life Is Unbelievable” (The Pillowmaker, 2010)

2) All Is Grace, There Is No Grace

Acknowledgement of vast ignorance, of vulnerability, of good fortune — humility. That’s the place to start.

Robert Bresson, “Au Hasard Balthazar” (1966)

3) Know Where You Came From

World Party, “Is It Like Today?” (Bang!, 1993)

4) Learn To Measure The Stars

VideoFromSpace, “Earth From Space; NASA Highlights” (2012)

5) Come Face To Face

Are you the dog? Or the skunk? Answer: The dog.

popeye9090, “Dog Meets Skunk” (2009)

6) The Veil Comes Down

Willie Nelson, “I Never Cared For You” (Teatro, 1998)

7) Seek Out Consolation

After tears and sleep, there is music at the opera house.

Maria Callas, “Casta Diva” (Rome, 1957)

8) Decide: What Is Love?

Roger Scruton says you can find consolation closer to home, and from consolation, happiness. He also doesn’t mind providing an answer to one of the enduring questions.

VPROWinkel, “Roger Scruton” (Of Beauty & Consolation, 2000)

9) The Fun Machine Is Going Down, Follow It

Other sources of consolation and happiness are available. Here’s some on this sidewalk in Boston. Except really, you probably do not want that person back.

Lake Street Dive, “I Want You Back” (2012) — thx M Rowe

10) Watch The End Of Fellini’s Film

Now it’s late at night and the people you love are asleep. You’re tired, the lamps are floating. You can’t tear yourself from the computer. Then, au hasard, you get to this, and it’s enough to bring a close to the day.

Federico Fellini, “Nights Of Cabiria” (1957)

Are you crying ‘cuz you’re happy? Or sad? Answer: Happy.


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