Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014

Ryeberg, “Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014: Trailer” (Club PuSh, January 26, 2014)

Fog crept into English Bay, only a tentacle at first, and by nightfall had swallowed up the whole city. But the fog, heavy as it was, did nothing to deter the sellout crowd for 2014 edition of Ryeberg Live Vancouver (these Vancouverites, they’ve seen fog and they’ve seen rain…). For the second year running, Club PuSh, social headquarters of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, was the venue.

AnnMarie MacKinnon of Geist Magazine introduced proceedings. Erik Rutherford of Ryeberg hosted. Lee Henderson was first up with a comprehensive answer to a fascinating question: How is money laundered? Indispensible reading for anyone with cash under the mattress. Heads up: if your laundering activities are mushrooming, you’ll need to hire a bunch of smurfs.

Zsuzsi Gartner shared the stage with her number one love object — a sleek, stylish, red Selectric typewriter. She told a story of passionate obsession with asides from her darker self. She described the look, sound, and feel of writing, and at intermission, invited the audience to contribute their own lines to a letter addressed to Prime Minister Harper (this was also a chance to try out the Selectric). After intermission, Erik read aloud the surprisingly coherent letter that resulted from this exercise. See Zsuzsi’s Ryeberg to read it for yourself.

Visual artist Vjeko Sager took the stage with blank pages, a box of charcoals, and an easel. Ten years ago, Vjeko decided to master charcoal, which, he says, “is the end of hope for an artist.” He calls his charcoals “failed attempts to understand the meaning of life.” So while his selection of YouTube videos played — featuring, among others, Warhol, Koons, Abramović and Banksy — he worked steadily, producing eleven charcoal drawings. He then invited eleven people to the stage, each to hold up one of his drawings. He shifted everyone around until finally the message of his Ryeberg became clear. Mark that as the first ever wordless Ryeberg!

Interdisciplinary artist Sammy Chien closed the evening on a personal note with tales of his recurring panic attacks and the various therapies that ensued. Anti-depressants, yoga, meditation, and daily walks were all part of his dark journey, a journey that, in the end, enriched his art. Sammy’s Ryeberg included fascinating scenes from his encounters with villagers in rural China and from his wild party nights in Beijing. Lesson learned: dare to be yourself.

Photos were taken by artist Victor Bonderoff.

Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014 Audience

Anne-Marie Geist Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014AnnMarie MacKinnon of Geist Magazine

Lee Henderson at Ryeberg Live Vancouver PuSh 2014Lee Henderson, “The Way Of The Money Launderer

Lee Henderson Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014Lee Henderson, “The Way Of The Money Launderer

Erik Rutherford Ryeberg Live PuSh 2014

Ryeberg Live PuSh Vancouver 2014

Zsuzsi Gartner at Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014Zsuzsi Gartner, “Sexy Beasts

Zsuzsi Gartner Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014Zsuzsi Gartner, “Sexy Beasts

The Selectric Ryeberg Live PuSh 2014The Selectric In Action

Selectric Tim Carlson Zsuzsi Gartner Ryeberg LIve 2014Tim Carlson Writes To Stephen Harper

Ryeberg Live Vancouver PuSh 2014

Ryeberg Live Vancouver PuSh Erik RutherfordErik Rutherford, Host & Ryeberg Editor

Vjeko Sager at Ryeberg Live PuSh 2014Vjeko Sager, “Imperfect Reality Perfect Illusions

Vjeko Sager Vancouver Ryeberg Live 2014

Vjeko Sager Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014Vjeko Sager, “Imperfect Reality Perfect Illusions

Ryeberg Live Long Live Art

Ryeberg LIve PuSh 2014 Long Live Art

Sammy Chien Ryeberg Live PuSh 2014Sammy Chien, “My Life As A Guanyin Warrior”

Sammy Chien at Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014Sammy Chien, “My Life As A Guanyin Warrior”

Ryeberg was very happy to team up once again with PuSh, Theatre Conspiracy, and Geist Magazine. Thanks to Norman Armour, Tim Carlson, and Veda Hille, the discerning curators at Club PuSh. Cheers also to Minna Schendlinger, Joyce Rosario, Marijka Asbeek Brusse, Cameron Mackenzie, DK, Bonnie Sun, Robert Wilson, and Lukas. Pros. Special thanks to Mary Schendlinger and Stephen Osborne at Geist for all the support, moral and otherwise. Onwards!

Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014

That was Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2014. To see pictures from a couple other Ryeberg Live events, follow the hyperlink to Ryeberg Live Banff 2013. Or check out Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2013.

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