Ryeberg Playlist: If Youth Knew

1) The Vision That Was Planted In Our Brains

Paul Simon, “The Sound Of Silence” @ 9/11 Memorial Service (Sept 11, 2011)

2) As If Its Vast Tides Were A Conscience

Michael Winter, “Humpback Hits Dory” (August, 2011)

3) Humble, Like The Dust

Jerry Thorpe, “The Tao of Kung Fu #6″ (1972)

4) For Merit Itself Is Offensive

Elvis Presley, “Young And Beautiful” (“Jailhouse Rock,” 1957)

5) If Youth Knew, If Age Could

Louis CK, “20 Year-Olds” (2010)

6) I’ll Miss My Sister, Miss My Father, Miss My Dog, And My Home

Yasujiro Ozu, “Late Spring” (1949)

7) Getting Married Isn’t Happiness?

SCTV, “Scenes from and Idiot’s Marriage” (1983)

8) These Illusions Are All I Take With Me

Peter And The Wolf, “Dear Old Robyn” (Black Cab Sessions, 2008)

9) My God, What Mystery! What Beauty!

Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman in “Stromboli” (1950)

10) And Still… Time To Pretend

MGMT, “Time To Pretend” (2008)

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