Ryeberg Playlist: God Jul!

1) Your Branches Green Delight Us

Dick Dale & The Lennon Sisters, “O Tannenbaum” (Lawrence Welk Show, 1963)

Holy Christmas Tree those guys could play! That’s Bob Havens on trombone, Dick Cathcart on trumpet, and a guy named Don Bonee on clarinet, turning the old German carol into some very fine Dixieland jazz. Bring on the good times.

2) The Way I’m Supposed To Feel

Bill Melendez & Charles M. Schulz, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965)

3) Who Wears Boots And A Suit Of Red?

Even if a few Charlie Browns are struggling to understand the meaning of Christmas, the adults are pretty sure what it’s all about: singing, dancing, drinking, philandering, fighting until Santa arrives with the presents. Tell ’em Bob. Bob?

Bob Dylan, “Must Be Santa” (2009) — thx Katie Krelove

4) No, It’s Only Oprah

If you thought Santa got the kids excited, you haven’t seen what Oprah Winfrey can do. As the clip below opens, she has just announced she’ll be giving away a few of her “favorite things.” In the pink box, five years’ psychiatric counselling.

The Oprah Winfrey Show, “Best Of My Favorite Things Giveaway 2010 1/2” (2010)

We’re with you Charlie Brown…

5) Här Kommer Min Familj

Christmas is not all that different on Rudolf Ryberg‘s home turf. There’s the tannenbaum, excitement around the presents, encroaching Charlie Brown gloom, music, singing, dancing, drinking, philandering, fighting…

Ingmar Bergman, “Fanny and Alexander” (1982)

Good luck everybody. Merry Christmas! Or as they say in Sweden: God Jul!


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