Acknowledgements From The Editor

By Erik Rutherford | Jun 14, 2009

Ryeberg Curated Video Is Born

Now that the site is up, I’d like to broadcast a little gratitude to the people who helped make it happen. Thanks first of all to designer Stéphane Monnet. He created the fantastic Ryeberg logo and showed so much quick understanding and intuition with the layout. Thanks also to Boston Dell-Vandenberg, head honcho at Pomelo Design. He is the reason the site works.

Insistent, heartfelt thanks to all of the founding curators for their generous early involvement. Their contributions have surpassed highest hopes. Already, from day one, Ryeberg is filled with absolutely brilliant writing.

Many thanks also to the fine people who offered help, advice, good ideas, and encouragement at various decisive stages along the way: Sheila Heti, Julia Rosenberg, sis Amy Rutherford, Alana Wilcox, Barnes Martin, Joanna Kavenna, Andrea Carson, Mina Volpe, Felix Munger, and Jill Kirchmann.

– Erik Rutherford, Editor