Ryeberg Curators

  • Vjeko Sager
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    Vjeko Sager is a visual artist whose work has been exhibited in over 35 countries. He uses cross-disciplinary and comparative research in history, arts and science to locate the origins of the various processes that generate our theories of knowledge, and his artistic practice centres on visualization methods in the age of post-media aesthetics. At the age of 28, Vjeko was appointed an Associate Professor in Painting Techniques at the Faculty of Applied Arts & Design in Belgrade. He moved to Vancouver in 1994. He is on the faculty at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design.Go to curator page
  • Mitu Sengupta
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    Mitu Sengupta is an Associate Professor of Politics at Ryerson University, Toronto. She has published widely in academic journals, and her political commentaries and analyses have appeared in CounterPunch, Monthly Review MRZine, AlterNet, Frontline (India), the Hindustan Times (India), The Toronto Star, Dissent Magazine, and This Magazine.Go to curator page
  • Adam Sol
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    Adam Sol is a poet, papa, professor, point guard, and occasional pundit. His books include "Complicity," a collection of poems, and “Jeremiah, Ohio,” a novel in poems. He has been known to cover Steve Earle songs, with mixed success. Photo by Barbara Stoneham.Go to curator page
  • Hunter Stephenson
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    Hunter Stephenson is a freelance journalist, editor, and consultant. He's been a long time writer and associate editor at Slashfilm, where he conducts in-depth interviews with filmmakers including Jody Hill and Rob Zombie, and with actors and performers including Martin Starr, Danny McBride, Paul Scheer, Neil Hamburger, and Andrew W.K. He co-wrote Hot Sugar's Cold World, a feature documentary about experimental musician, Hot Sugar. An alum of the School of Communication at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, he served as head editor of a “high-and-low” arts section at The Miami Hurricane for three years, noted by director Wim Wenders as being the “most important college newspaper section nationwide.” He went on to found Miami’s first youth-culture publication, ignore Magazine. His work has been featured in New Times, SPIN, Street Carnage, and Wooooo. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, forever known for its Grunge-era reputation as "the next Seattle.”Go to curator page