Ryeberg Curators

  • Lee Henderson
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    Lee Henderson is the author of three award-winning books, "The Broken Record Technique," a story collection, "The Man Game," a novel and winner of the BC Book Prize and the Vancouver Book Prize in 2009, and "The Road Narrows As You Go." Lee's fiction and art writing are regularly published in The Walrus and Border Crossings magazine, and numerous other magazines and journals. He has curated exhibitions of contemporary art and experimental music. Before making books and stories, Lee made cookies, hamburgers, invoices, ad copy, and once, long ago, animation for a Sonic Youth video, and once, even longer ago than that, he played in a John Cage 'happening' at the Banff Centre. More about Lee here.Go to curator page
  • David Heti
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    David Heti is a still young man who carries forth in his hometown of Toronto. Quietly waiting out his remaining days in the hopes of something better, he is never sadder than after breakfast. When not performing stand-up comedy, he may often find himself reassessing purchases of bread or being comforted by others. More David Heti here and here.Go to curator page
  • Sheila Heti
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    Sheila Heti's latest novel is "Motherhood." She is also the author of "The Middle Stories," "Ticknor," and "How Should A Person Be?" —  chosen by The New York Times as one of the 100 Best Books of 2012. She's also published an illustrated book for children, "We Need a Horse," featuring art by Clare Rojas, a book of "conversational philosophy" called "The Chairs Are Where the People Go," with Misha Glouberman, and, as co-editor, a book about what style really means, called Women in Clothes. More Sheila Heti here.Go to curator page
  • Ernest Hilbert
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    Ernest Hilbert is the author of two collections of poetry, "Sixty Sonnets" and "All of You on the Good Earth," as well as a spoken word album recorded with rock band and orchestra, "Elegies & Laments," available from Pub Can Records. He hosts the popular blog E-Verse (www.everseradio.com) and the E-Verse Equinox Reading Series at Fergie’s Pub in Philadelphia. His poems have appeared in The New Republic, Yale Review, American Poetry Review, Harvard Review, Parnassus, Boston Review, Verse, New Criterion, American Scholar, and the London Review as well as in a number of anthologies, including "The Incredible Sestinas Anthology" (2013), "The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets," and two Penguin anthologies, "Poetry: A Pocket Anthology" and "Literature: A Pocket Anthology" (2011). He works at Bauman Rare Books in Philadelphia, where he lives with his wife Lynn Makowsky, the Keeper of the Mediterranean Section at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. More Ernest here.Go to curator page