Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2013

RyebergCuratedVideo, “Ryeberg Live Vancouver 2013: Trailer” (January, 2013))

It happened at Club PuSh, social hub of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and dream venue for Ryeberg Live. At the door, each attendee received a copy of Geist MagazineGeist 87 to be exact (it’s a good one) — and Stephen Osborne, Geist publisher (demonstrating his customary wit and intelligence), kicked off the evening with a few words about PuSh, about Geist and about Ryeberg.com.

Erik Rutherford, Ryeberg editor, played the role of emcee. He reminded the audience what they were there to see and told stories of Rudolf Ryeberg, the man who gave his name to the website. Caroline Adderson was the first Ryeberg curator of the evening and she set herself the task of “re-enthralling” motion pictures via the four elements: For a short while, we all lingered in the chambers of the sea. Kevin Chong searched YouTube for the 100% perfect video adaptation of a work of literature by high school students. He asked: Can video teach high school students to read? Not a rhetorical question. After intermission, Steven Galloway showed that even the finest magician’s prestidigitations can be spotted, named and reconstructed. You may prefer not to draw back the curtain, but be thankful that magicians are not actual wizards with supernatural powers. Finally, Maiko Bae Yamamoto, self-proclaimed child of a weepy land called “Nostalgica,” had us wiping away our own tears with a series of shamelessly sentimental video clips. Here’s a tip: If you need a hit of homecoming and grief, YouTube is a reliable dealer.

The photos were taken by Tim Matheson.

Club PuSh, Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver

Norman ArmourNorman Armour (centre), Push Festival Executive Producer

Stephen Osborne, Publisher Geist Magazine

Erik Rutherford, Ryeberg Editor

Caroline Adderson, “Re-Enthralling The Image In Motion

Caroline Adderson, “Re-Enthralling The Image In Motion

Kevin Chong, “Man Versus Camera

Kevin Chong, “Man Versus Camera

Erik Rutherford, Ryeberg Editor

Steven Galloway, “Magic, Cupcakes & Infinity

Steven Galloway, “Magic, Cupcakes & Infinity

Maiko Bae Yamamoto, “Nostalgica

Warmest thanks to Stephen Osborne, Mary Schendlinger and everyone else at Geist for supporting both Ryeberg.com and Ryeberg Live. Warmest thanks to Norman Armour, Tim Carlson and Veda Hille for inviting Ryeberg to take part in their classy, cutting-edge festival. Warmest thanks to Minna Schendlinger, PuSh Festival Managing Director, David Kerr, Kara Gibbs, Dani Fecko, Cameron Mackenzie, Marijka Asbeek Brusse, Emma Lancaster, Robert Wilson, Lucas, the whole PuSh staff and all the volunteers who helped out. Cheers to Scout Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Courier, Sheryl MacKay at CBC’s NXNW and all the other media outlets for giving attention to Ryeberg. Big wide world, for imperial hospitality, get you to Vancouver. Until the next!

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  • Art M

    Too anyone who has not been to one of these events, I suggest you go to this one in Vancouver. I was at the last one in March/12 and had a blast. Fun, intellectually stimulating, and convivial.

    • http://ryeberg.com/author/ryeberg/ Ryeberg

      Thanks Art, hope to see you on the 27th. Please say hello!

  • braintrust blacksmith

    amazing trailer

  • Pi Jay

    I laughed and cried last night, the whole thing was beautiful and inspiring, thanks! Come back to Vancouver!

  • Art McCourt

    Again, another first-class evening – unique, stimulating, and fun.

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