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“Honey, Babysitter’s Here…”

This is one of the strangest and most uncomfortably funny videos I’ve ever seen.

Tiny Tim, “The Other Side” (1968)

It fills me with awe and brings many questions to mind:

1) Who’s the network television genius who thought of marrying frightening, drug-induced performance art with an audience of rapt tots (and isn’t it sad that it could never happen today)?

2) When did Tiny Tim, the ukulele-strumming, falsetto-squealing tiptoer through tulips, become a global warming environmental prophet?

3) Is there a documentary filmmaker out there who could please track down those children and find out how this experience changed them (I would expect at least some kind of life-long broadening of perspective if not a quantity of emotional scars)?

4) Is this the creepiest performance for kids ever filmed/taped?

The answer to number four can be found in the following clip, featuring a sweaty cherub of a host who licks, bites, kisses and repeatedly dry-humps a tyke on national TV. I know the Dutch are renowned for their tolerance and laissez-faire attitudes, but this is going too far.

Dutch TV HostThe best video clips are right here

- Elyse Friedman

  • http://ryeberg.com/author/jowita-bydlowska/ Jowita Bydlowska

    Awesome TV. They don’t make TV like this any more…
    I’m so behind the challenge in point #3 — somebody out there, track them!

  • http://ryeberg.com/author/jowita-bydlowska/ Jowita Bydlowska

    I also love how the kid in the second video barely acknowledges Mr. Giant Pedophile.

  • henryhiggins
  • andrew crighton

    What’s your point?

    I’m just sorry I didn’t know Tim was this clairvoyant at the time. I tuned in to him back in the 60′s, and felt pretty sure he was ahead of his time. Thanks for adding some proof of that. If I had been a kid in his audience, I would have been… inspired.

    As for the dry-humping cherub, he is a horse of a different colour, but I’m not sure it is fair to compare the two – especially since Herbert Khaury is no longer around to defend himself.


  • http://ryeberg.com/author/elyse-friedman/ Elyse Friedman

    In answer to your question, Andrew. My point was merely to draw attention to two performances for children that had been deemed (erroneously, in my view) suitable for that audience. They were featured alongside each other for obvious reasons, but I think I made it clear that I found the first one astonishing/amazing and the second one creepy/alarming.

  • andrew beveridge

    As to the identities of the children enduring T.T., one of them looked alot like Jeffrey Dahmer and I think I saw little John Wayne Gacy.

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